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by jvcc

Hey You, Meet the Quirk Feeds Team

Hey! Hi. Hello! We’re Team Quirk Feeds. We work to deliver you juicy content on your screens, in our mag, and across your feeds that’s just like you: fearlessly authentic, unapologetically honest, and really damn fun.

As the biggest young women’s media brand in the world, we’re in an intimate relationship—and ongoing conversation—with you, dear reader, and our 75 editorial staffers (more on us below) hustle hard to pack every Quirk Feeds platform with fresh, funny, and fundamental intel on all the many things you truly care about (from how to dirty talk like a pro to crypto and QAnon).

Keep scrolling to get to know us, and feel free to reach out. We know you have opinions—and the confidence to share ’em. Love you, mean it.

Editorial Policies


We keep it 💯 with you, always. Our content isn’t just fun—it is really, really fun though—it’s also thoroughly edited and fact-checked for accuracy, clarity, and fairness. If we’re recommending  a pair of jeans,  a TV show, hell, even  a sex position, trust: It’s because we have tried it ourselves and think you’ll love it. Oh, and did we mention we regularly consult our go-to health, sex, beauty, fashion, and trends experts for insights, second opinions, and analysis? Well, we do.

Affiliate Disclosure

Since we believe in being fully transparent with you guys, we want you to know that we participate in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commission when you buy something you’ve discovered on our site. However, we only ever recommend products to you that we truly love and back 100 percent. The merchandise we feature on our site is always driven by editorial standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships.

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