The Most Expensive Weddings Of All Time

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The Most Expensive Weddings Of All Time

The wedding day is probably the most important day in a couple’s life. Many already plan it as a child and dream of a fairytale wedding. These dreamy fairy tale weddings are usually pompous and expensive and so not every girl’s dream comes true. For some women, however, it comes true and they have the luxury of being able to celebrate their love without financial limits. You can see what these weddings look like in the next pictures. These couples really spared no expense at all that day. Whether with Jennifer Lopez and a diamond-studded dress or in a classic saree, you could be jealous, right?

Vikram Chatwal & Priya Sachdev

Vikram Chatwal is the son of the famous Sant Chatwal, who is the founder of the “Hampshire Hotel and the“ Bombay Palace ”. Vikram himself not only had a career in the hospitality industry but is also a Bollywood actor. In 2006 he married the actress Priya Sachdev with an elaborate ceremony in India. The wedding went on for 10 days and guests from all over the world came. 600 guests were flown in from 20 different countries. The whole thing cost over $ 20 million. Even India’s Prime Minister and former US President, Bill Clinton, were invited.

Michael Jordan’s Heavenly Wedding

The basketball legend married Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto in 2013. The couple were married at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church in Florida. Incidentally, Donald Trump and Melania were married there. Guests were among others Robin Thicke and Usher. The cost of this grand wedding was over $ 10 million. After the ceremony, the guests gathered in a huge tent in Juniper, Florida. Thousands of candles lit the party and created the romantic atmosphere. The couple wanted their guests to donate instead of gifts.

Wedding like in 1001 nights

In 1981 the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, married Princess Salama in an extremely extravagant and pompous ceremony. The wedding lasted a week and cost almost 100 million US dollars. 50 Arab and African groups, who flew in with over 30 private jets, provided entertainment. Wedding favors from the guests were delivered to the princess on a long line of 20 camels, all adorned with stunning jewels. The wedding was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive wedding ceremony in history.

The 2011 British Royal Wedding

2011 was the year of the most famous wedding. Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot. The wedding cost nearly $ 35 million. 2000 guests were invited and the wedding lasted two days. On the first day, around 1900 people were in the famous Westminster Abbey and watched the ceremony. On the second day, a small part of the guests came to lunch. There was another reception later that evening. Two choirs, an orchestra and an ensemble entertained the guests. The flower arrangements alone cost $ 800,000.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney was once considered the most popular bachelor in Hollywood. In 2014 he married the lawyer and activist Amal Alamuddin. The couple paid the travel expenses of their friends, who flew specially to Venice. That alone already cost her $ 4.5 million. George and Amal, like all the other guests, stayed at the “Aman” Hotel. The room was $ 5,000 a night. Amal wore an Oscar de la Renta dress for $ 380,000, while George opted for an Armani tuxedo for “only” $ 5,000. Guests included Bono and Cindy Crawford.

Salma Hayek’s Valentine’s Day wedding

At $ 3.5 million, the wedding of Salma Hayek and billionaire François-Henri Pinault may sound modest, but the opposite was the case. The couple married on Valentine’s Day 2009 in an opera house in Venice. The guest list was kept small and there were fewer than 200 friends and family members in attendance. Including Bono, Woody Harrelson, and Penelope Cruz. Salma made for a breathtaking appearance in her extravagant Balenciaga dress and the classic veil over the updo. Of course, she didn’t skimp on jewelry either.

Petra Ecclestone’s wedding

The daughter of Formula 1 loin Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone, married businessman James Stunt in 2011. The ceremony was anything but small and humble. Numerous celebrities were on the guest list, including Paris Hilton. The celebration took place in Rome, in the Odelscalschi Castle. The entertainment was provided by the Black Eyed Peas, who received a fee of 1.5 million US dollars that evening. DJ David Guetta also did the honors and created a good atmosphere for “only” half a million dollars.

Justin Timberlake ties the tie

When Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got engaged in 2012, everyone was talking about the dream couple. The couple is rather reserved, so it amazed everyone that the wedding was luxurious and cost a staggering $ 6.5 million. The two invited friends and family to Apulia. Prominent guests were Andy Samberg and Timbaland. Director Bill Purple directed the wedding. Jessica’s little “film sister”, from the TV show “A Heavenly Family”, Beverly Mitchell, also showed her support. Justin wore a Tom Ford tuxedo while Jessica wore a tailored Giambattista Valli dress.

Delphine Arnault’s wedding

Delphine Arnault is the heiress of the Louis Vuitton fashion house. In 2005 she married the Italian wine mogul Alessandro Vallarino Gancia. The couple celebrated the most expensive wedding ever in France. The event cost the family $ 7 million. Delphine wore a custom-made Dior dress by John Galliano. The reception took place in a vineyard in Bordeaux and was decorated with 5000 roses. A Moscow choir provided entertainment. The guest list included Karl Lagerfeld and members of the Rothschild clan.

Brunei’s Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah

Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah’s parents were very surprised when he decided to marry a commoner. But that wasn’t the only unusual thing. The commoner was 17-year-old Sarah Salleh, who had a completely new life from one day to the next. The wedding cost the estimated US $ 6 million and took place in the Sultan’s palace with 20,000 guests. The Duke of Gloucester and Prince Richard were also invited. A fleet of 100 limousines chauffeured important politicians. The couple wore matching blue clothing that was set with jewels.

Alberto Mugrabi and Colby Jordan’s big day

Colby Jordan is the daughter of billionaire John W. “Jay” Jordan. She married the art collector Alberto Mugrabi, who is also the son of a billionaire. It stands to reason that the ceremony was ostentatious and expensive. The 2016 wedding cost 6 million US dollars. The entire Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in southern France was rented for the wedding. Guests included the Olsen Twins, Heidi Klum and Owen Wilson. The couple had a no social media policy for their big day, it seems like not everyone adhered to it.

Prince Abdul Malik’s wedding

The son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Abdul Malik, married Dayangku Raabi’atul ‘Adawiyyah Pengiran Haji Bolkiah in 2015 . The wedding was literally made of gold and took place in a huge palace. Royal families and political leaders from around the world attended the celebration. The 31-year-old prince and his bride wore gold, jeweled clothes. The bride wore a tiara and a matching necklace with rings and emeralds. Even the bouquet was made of jewels.

Another Trump appearance

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Ivanka Trump’s wedding was an almost ridiculously expensive event. She married media mogul Jared Kushner in a ceremony that cost over $ 1 million. The wedding was planned by none other than Preston Baily, a prominent wedding planner who charged over $ 100,000 for his services. The wedding took place in 2009 at the family-run National Golf Club in New Jersey. Ivanka wore a classic Vera Wang dress for $ 50,000 and jewelry worth $ 200,000.

TomKat’s castle wedding

Katie and Tom’s marriage was not forever, but it can be said that their wedding was extremely costly. They married in a 15th-century castle near Rome. The wedding cost nearly $ 2 million and since the wedding took place outside of Rome, the guests were flown in. That alone cost $ 900,000. Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith were among the guests. Of course, the food was excellent, as was the wine, which alone cost $ 200,000.

Sanjay Hinduja’s big day

Sanjay Hinduja belongs to the richest family in Great Britain. The wedding with the model and actress, Anu Mahtani, cost an incredible 20 million dollars. 800 guests were invited and were chauffeured to the location in luxury BMWs from all over India. The location was Manek Chow, an old palace in Udaipur and a hotel on the lake. Singer Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez were flown to India to provide entertainment. Both received a US $ 1 million fees. The celebration lasted three days and was for a long time referred to as the “fairytale wedding”.

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